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The Farthermost View

Essays and Stories



The Times

AB & Grandson

I saw in the New York Times that a candidate
for mayor of New York advocates
bringing TikTok Hype Houses to New York City.
I was stunned. I had to hurry over to Wikipedia
to find out what language he was speaking. Read More 

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Those Wascally Wabbits!

A Captured Rabbit

My back yard is the only spot around my house that gets sun, so I have stuffed it with native perennials, flowering shrubs, and vegetables.  Read More 

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Black-crowned Night Heron and Moon

My little dog Pippin has been waking me up at night recently with less-than-subtle heavy breathing, which is his way of announcing that he needs to go outside.  Read More 

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R v. L


The vast Interweb and all its devices and content fill so much of our time during these Stay-at-Home weeks.  Read More 

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Coiled Hose


I used to think that I was a fairly empathetic person, and that while I may disagree with someone's actions, I support her psychological need to do something stupid. As I age, however, I find out all sorts of things about myself, and one of them is that I am not a particularly empathetic person. I may realize that a person has certain needs and desires, but I do not understand them, and I do not support her stupid actions. Read More 

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Daddy Longlegs

It's at about this point every summer that I get tired of my garden.  Read More 

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Gift From the Sea


Thurber found a conch on the beach this morning. It was half-buried in the sand, just at the edge of the water. He sniffed it suspiciously, then moved on, but I reached down and picked it up. Its foot was halfway out, but it pulled it in as I turned it over; a tiny mollusk was attached to the shell, but otherwise it was smooth and unblemished. Read More 

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Dog Hair Ready For Nesting


I have been alone for months, but I dare say I'm not alone in having accomplished almost none of the great plans and projects I had in mind on March 15, 2020.  Read More 

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Violet-tailed Sylph


Late last winter, before Coronavirus appeared to be an issue, I went to Ecuador on a Bird Photography trip. I envisioned myself lounging about on a vine-shaded patio, a frosty glass of beer at my elbow and my camera in my hand, ready to catch the next White- booted Racket Tail or Brown Violetear that zipped in to sip sugar water from the nearest feeder. Read More 

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A Martian Ecosphere

For my most recent birthday someone gave me an EcoSphere. It's a little sealed glass orb, and inside it are water, a sea fan, algae, some tiny rocks, and four weensy shrimps.  Read More 

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