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Selected Podpieces


Now and then I walk with Pippin and Thurber, the Rescue Squad, in the woods on a piece of public land not far from my home. There are gravel roads running through it that are kept in good enough condition for trucks to use, and there are half a dozen cinder block storage buildings owned by the town. As with any piece of land on Cape Cod, it’s not exactly wilderness; but not many people walk around there, which is why I do.  Read More 
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In among the sad, bad, and mad events of the last year, a little bit of glad tidings that I hadn’t paid much attention to was delivered. I woke up out of a funk one day and realized that it was now legal to grow, own, and use marijuana in a recreational way.  Read More 
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On Thanksgiving morning the Cape Cod Times was about five times fatter than usual, and I knew why. Just one glance and I was the ads. Read More 
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Down next to the town landing there’s a little cottage I’ve had my eye on for a number of years. Now and then it’s been occupied, but for the most part it’s sat empty, up on a little knoll overlooking the boat launch and the parking lot and Little Pleasant Bay.  Read More 
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This morning I took my coffee, a jelly doughnut from the Hole In One, and a book, and went outside with the dogs to sit on the wooden swing. The weather was perfect for sitting in for the first time in a long time – the temperature 73, the humidity 70%, the wind at 7, and on the far side of the white pine and the red oak, the sky was Cape Cod blue. Read More 
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