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Selected Podpieces


On one of our morning walks last spring we saw one of our neighbors coming toward us, carrying what looked like a racquetball racquet. I figured he had found it floating in the harbor. Or perhaps he had been practicing his serves, whacking rocks out into the pond. As we approached he began swinging it wildly around his head, and I waved merrily in response. Read More 
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Ah, summer on Cape Cod! The sun sends down his gentle rays from the heavens, the Merry Little Breezes ruffle the pines, the air is full of little brown moths, fluttering, flittering, flattering –  Read More 
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Summer weather is here at last – intermittently, anyway. The morning walks are chilly for about five minutes, and then I start stripping away my outer layers, until by the time I’ve gotten down to the town landing and stared out over the marsh and bay, and walked back up the incline to our little house in the cul de sac, I am nearly naked. The neighbors kindly keep their curtains closed until a decent hour. Read More 
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