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Selected Podpieces


Andean Emerald & Purple-bibbed Whitetip

Late last winter, before Coronavirus appeared to be an issue, I went to Ecuador on a Bird Photography trip.  Read More 

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Last summer I went to Provincetown to the Fine Arts Work Center, to participate in Social Justice Week, a gathering of writers, artists, and activists concerned with, well, social justice. Gun violence, climate change, police brutality, immigration, homophobia, racism – the world is full of injustice.  Read More 

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Driving is not the pleasure it used to be. Once you could pour down long stretches of highway at ninety miles an hour, with the occasional semi roaring past at maybe a hundred and ten. Then on the next hill the truck would be huffing and puffing in the far right lane, and you'd soar ahead, rounding some curve or peeling out on a straightaway past houses farms and fields. Read More 

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There was a time when I could go to any garden center – yea, even unto a big box store – and wander through the aisles as if through a wonderland of vegetative possibility. The stunning colors, the surprising shapes of blossoms and leaves, everything was subject to my phytophilia. If it was in a pot and would grow in the ground, I brought it home and planted it.  Read More 
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Male Northern Cardinal
I had been planning to write today about the bee hive in the oak tree on Portanimicut Road, but on the way to my study I stopped at the living room window. The view through the window was like a little animated village. I had just filled the tube feeder, and yesterday I trimmed some of the low branches on the river birches, and now a chipmunk was scouting around through the violet leaves for fallen seeds and suet scraps.  Read More 
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