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Selected Podpieces


You love your old car/truck/boat/trailer/motorcycle; but the day finally comes when it's time to move on. Don't sell it, donate it! to your favorite nonprofit organization! Read More 

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One evening a couple of weeks before Christmas, I stepped out onto my back porch. It was one of those warmish, clear nights, and when I looked up at the sky I saw, almost directly above my chimney, a very bright object. With my trifocals I had trouble bringing it into focus, but now and then I saw it clearly enough to confirm my hunch that the bright object was the International Space Station. Read More 

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Big changes in your life make...big changes. When My Companion died recently, we weren't taken by surprise; he was old, he had a heart condition and a lung condition, and in the last couple of years he'd gotten pretty frail. But we were taken by surprise. It was too soon, too fast, and too definitive.

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The Rescue Squad to the Rescue

As I write this, the floor under my feet is vibrating, and a low loud rumble and grinding is going on outside. I'm in my office in downtown Orleans, and out front a crew is putting pipes of some kind into the ground, and ripping up sidewalks to put down other sidewalks. When I approached my building this morning a policeman frowned and shook his head severely at me, and when I waved wildly and pointed behind him toward the parking lot that was my destination, he came over and leaned down to say, You can't get there today. Read More 

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One day in mid-May, five baby Eastern gray squirrels erupted from a hole in the big white oak in my back yard and took on the not-so-difficult task of entertaining us. All day they scampered, clung, jumped, clambered, scritched, climbed, clawed, bumped, clumped, huddled, and pestered – but they never left the big oak. Read More 

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