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Selected Podpieces


Driving is not the pleasure it used to be. Once you could pour down long stretches of highway at ninety miles an hour, with the occasional semi roaring past at maybe a hundred and ten. Then on the next hill the truck would be huffing and puffing in the far right lane, and you'd soar ahead, rounding some curve or peeling out on a straightaway past houses farms and fields. Read More 

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When you live in a small, fairly circumscribed neighborhood like mine, and faithfully walk your dogs through its streets every day, you can’t help but notice the changes. Someone paints their house; someone else puts in a lawn, or parks a new boat in the driveway, or suddenly has a pile of bicycles outside the back door, where before there was only a cute little wooden barrel full of petunias. This is always in midsummer. Read More 
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The other day I saw the first two honeybees of the spring in my front yard. They were examining a clutch of crocuses near the driveway; each of them hovered indecisively over the bright yellow and deep purple ones before diving into the striped purple and white ones for a long sip of nectar. Note to self: plant more striped crocus bulbs next fall.
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