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Selected Podpieces


Spring again
The yellow-shafted flicker starts drumming in my back yard at about 5:48 a.m. this time of year. Last year his instrument was the metal chimney stack on our roof, but this year he has discovered the birdhouse with a roof made from a Utah license plate.  Read More 
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With a heavy heart, I consigned my last Boston fern to the mid-March elements. Well, actually it was with a heart that was half heavy, half lightening up; those Boston ferns get mighty big, and while they’re great at making giant outdoor urns look Martha Stewarty, every year it’s gotten harder to find a cool place to stick them for the winter, and hard to get them there from the back yard.  Read More 
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The other day I saw the first two honeybees of the spring in my front yard. They were examining a clutch of crocuses near the driveway; each of them hovered indecisively over the bright yellow and deep purple ones before diving into the striped purple and white ones for a long sip of nectar. Note to self: plant more striped crocus bulbs next fall.
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Spring at Nauset Beach.
I glanced out the window this morning just as a fox came out of my neighbor’s driveway. Without stopping to look either right or left, he trotted across the street and disappeared. It made my day.  Read More 
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Courting behavior

Red-breasted Merganser
This morning two pairs of Red-breasted Mergansers were engaged in an enthusiastic courting display in Pahwah Pond. They were too busy to notice us, so we stood and watched for a while.  Read More 
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