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Selected Podpieces


Driving is not the pleasure it used to be. Once you could pour down long stretches of highway at ninety miles an hour, with the occasional semi roaring past at maybe a hundred and ten. Then on the next hill the truck would be huffing and puffing in the far right lane, and you'd soar ahead, rounding some curve or peeling out on a straightaway past houses farms and fields. Read More 

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Ah, summer on Cape Cod! The sun sends down his gentle rays from the heavens, the Merry Little Breezes ruffle the pines, the air is full of little brown moths, fluttering, flittering, flattering –  Read More 
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Summer weather is here at last – intermittently, anyway. The morning walks are chilly for about five minutes, and then I start stripping away my outer layers, until by the time I’ve gotten down to the town landing and stared out over the marsh and bay, and walked back up the incline to our little house in the cul de sac, I am nearly naked. The neighbors kindly keep their curtains closed until a decent hour. Read More 
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Spring again
The yellow-shafted flicker starts drumming in my back yard at about 5:48 a.m. this time of year. Last year his instrument was the metal chimney stack on our roof, but this year he has discovered the birdhouse with a roof made from a Utah license plate.  Read More 
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