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Selected Podpieces


With a heavy heart, I consigned my last Boston fern to the mid-March elements. Well, actually it was with a heart that was half heavy, half lightening up; those Boston ferns get mighty big, and while they’re great at making giant outdoor urns look Martha Stewarty, every year it’s gotten harder to find a cool place to stick them for the winter, and hard to get them there from the back yard.  Read More 
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The dark season has started. Now when I sit at the breakfast table and look out the window, I see not the titmice and chickadees and mourning doves at the feeder but myself, reflected in the glass, and behind me the room I’m sitting in. It’s translucent, and doubled and tripled in places, reflecting from window to window, and I am a dark featureless shape holding a fork.  Read More 
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