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Selected Podpieces


One evening a couple of weeks before Christmas, I stepped out onto my back porch. It was one of those warmish, clear nights, and when I looked up at the sky I saw, almost directly above my chimney, a very bright object. With my trifocals I had trouble bringing it into focus, but now and then I saw it clearly enough to confirm my hunch that the bright object was the International Space Station. Read More 

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The dark season has started. Now when I sit at the breakfast table and look out the window, I see not the titmice and chickadees and mourning doves at the feeder but myself, reflected in the glass, and behind me the room I’m sitting in. It’s translucent, and doubled and tripled in places, reflecting from window to window, and I am a dark featureless shape holding a fork.  Read More 
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One of the things I still like about snow is the way it can change my perception of the world.  Read More 
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Night Migration

There are nights in the fall when I turn off the lights and step outside to stand on my deck in the dark. Most of what little light there is comes from the moon and the stars. I live on Cape Cod, in a quiet part of town where there are no streetlights, in a neighborhood of summer homes that stand empty three-fourths of the year.  Read More 

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