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Selected Podpieces


Sheltering In Place

I have been alone for months, but I dare say I'm not alone in having accomplished almost none of the great plans and projects I had in mind on March 15, 2020.  Read More 

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The other day I saw a video of a weatherman standing in front of a live camera, talking about, of all things, the weather. He was pointing out at the San Francisco Bay, and was about to launch into a weather update, when suddenly the upside down face of a giant, wild-eyed bird appearedat the top of the screen, peering out at us.  Read More 
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This morning I took my coffee, a jelly doughnut from the Hole In One, and a book, and went outside with the dogs to sit on the wooden swing. The weather was perfect for sitting in for the first time in a long time – the temperature 73, the humidity 70%, the wind at 7, and on the far side of the white pine and the red oak, the sky was Cape Cod blue. Read More 
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My father, Donald W. Baker, was a poet. I was looking through some of his poems the other day, both published and unpublished, and here's one I particularly like.

Dying In Massachusetts

I think I should like to die in Massachusetts,
wading Parker's River in sneakers at slack water,
my wire basket a quarter full of blue crabs,
and I easing my long-handled net towards a big one. Read More 
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On one of our morning walks last spring we saw one of our neighbors coming toward us, carrying what looked like a racquetball racquet. I figured he had found it floating in the harbor. Or perhaps he had been practicing his serves, whacking rocks out into the pond. As we approached he began swinging it wildly around his head, and I waved merrily in response. Read More 
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