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Selected Podpieces

Red Fox In the Morning

Rosa rugosa and red fox
Yesterday we saw five foxes on our morning walk. Every day we take the dogs down the road to the bay, a route of just over a mile past clusters of houses and a few scrabbly patches of woods and swamp that have been designated conservation land. It’s not unusual to see a fox ahead of us in the road, or trotting up a driveway, or standing in someone’s yard, watching us go by; but five in the course of one walk was unusual.
We had heard a sharp call in the woods behind us just before we saw the first one. I’d heard something similar the night before and thought it must be an owl; but later, when I listened to fox vocalizations on the web, it turned out to be the voice of a fox. It may have been an alarm call, warning that canine and human walkers were about; but given the sudden plenitude of foxes on the road, it was probably an early morning mating call. The days are getting longer, and another new year has begun.
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