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Selected Podpieces


The other day I saw the first two honeybees of the spring in my front yard. They were examining a clutch of crocuses near the driveway; each of them hovered indecisively over the bright yellow and deep purple ones before diving into the striped purple and white ones for a long sip of nectar. Note to self: plant more striped crocus bulbs next fall.
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The other day I was thinking about the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant and what I would do if it leaked, or exploded, or otherwise failed in such a manner that all of Cape Cod’s residents – and any visitors unlucky enough to be vacationing on our sands at the time – would find it expedient to leave.  Read More 
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This morning, I was sitting at my desk, busily staring out the window, when out in the yard there arose such a racket I sprang from my chair and put on my jacket. No, no, wrong story.  Read More 
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My Companion and I walk our dogs every morning along the streets in our neighborhood, and though we pass the same houses and fences and ponds and pastures again and again, there is always something new to see. Another house for sale, or sold; a kindergartner with a giant new backpack waiting for the bus; a fallen tree, a blooming forsythia, a crew of mallards checking out the kettle pond.  Read More 
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