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Selected Podpieces

Star of the Class

Once a week Pippin and Thurber, the Rescue Squad, attend a class in Obedience For Beginners. Thurber, who is around two years old, came to us pre-trained, so a lot of the course is a refresher for him. But for ten-month-old Pippin it’s brand new.  Read More 

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Not Another Snow Day!

It has been such a cold, snowy winter! Last year, when My Companion and I told people we were moving back to New England, we were assured over and over again that the weather on Cape Cod is milder. But since early December we’ve been asking each other, “Milder than what?”  Read More 

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The Rescue Squad Stays Down

I can’t move my feet. I’m seated at my desk with each foot planted firmly on the floor on top of a blue leash, and if I move, the two furry bodies attached to the leashes will leap up and rush into the living room, where they will stand at the window and bark.  Read More 

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