Indifferent Photos

Hydrating the Hydrangeas

The Spider Crew


Osprey at moonset

Selva Verde vine

Blue-footed Booby!

Galapagos Fur Sea Lion

Galapagos Sky

Sea Lion, Galapagos Sunset

Fellow Traveler


Chestnut-breasted Coronet, Ecuador

House Sparrow, Chicago Botanic Garden

Magnolia blossom, Polly Hill Arboretum

Thank you

The Pink Boa, Cayos Cochinos

Long-billed Hermit, Honduras

Central American Rattlesnake

Alley in Charleston

Ready and Waiting

Blue Shutters, Charleston

Blue Door, Stonington Harbor

Blue Car, Barrington

Blue Tail, Ecudaor

Palm Warbler On Tiptoe

Great Egret

Island View


Oakley, 1997-2012: A Critic to the End

Thurber and Pippin obey

Race Point Light

Forks of Buffalo

Christmas Eve, Lost River Farm